Over 25 years of experience in Reputation Management, Communication Strategy multi stakeholder, Corporate and Financial Communication and Crisis Management in Lift World – the biggest and most reputable communication consulting company in Portugal. Owner and Chairman of Balto Capital, a private equity vehicle to invest in Creative Business.
Throughout his career, he was: Member of the Board of ICCO (The International Communications Consultancy Organization)  (2008/2010); Lecturer at ISLA – Post-Graduate in Image, Protocol and Events Management and at INP – Post-Graduate in Public Relations and Communication Management. (2005/2010); President of the Board of APECOM (Portuguese PR Consultancy Association) from 2008 to 2010  and Vice-Presidente (2002/2008); Journalist and Editor, specialized in Economics and Finance, at several economic newspapers – Semanário Económico, Diário Económico (Founder), Público (Founder), Valor (Founder) and Semanário. (1988/1995); Founding shareholder of Jornal de Negócios and Negocios.pt (Mediafin) (1997/2001).

Talk: Empathy: the secret ingredient of a good reputation
Corporate reputation is a magnet which attracts clients, talent and investment and allows companies to face uncertainty and fear”. Communication and reputation are essential to the creation of value for companies, institutions and people. The equation is simple and the impact on business is undeniable. However, more than communicating, it is necessary to know how to communicate. Empathy with both internal and external stakeholders has become an imperative. It is during the difficult moments that the Chief Executive Officers must also be Chief Empathy Officers, building relations of trust and proximity which are essential for the creation of positive perceptions and favourable support behaviours and attitudes. How can we attract better clients? How can we retain better talent? How can we source financing and or investors for companies? Corporate reputation is the best insurance against uncertainty, because the best talent guarantees innovation and good products and services, which in turn attract better clients. Corporate reputation is thus, the best life insurance against fear and against uncertainty during pandemics.