Rosalia Amorim has been a journalist for over 20 years and has been the Editor of Dinheiro Vivo, DN Insider and Motor24 since 3 October 2016. Prior to that Rosalia was the Executive Director of Media Rumo (Rumo the economic magazine and the Mercado and Vanguarda newspapers), part of a strategic partnership with the Global Media Group. She was the Economic Coordinator of the Expresso newspaper, Editor and Coordinator-Geral of the Exame Magazine and commentator of the Economics News on the SIC Notícias TV channel from 2005 to 2015. Rosalia was also the Coordinator of the Expresso newspaper’s Única magazine, Coordinatir of the Intelligent Life/The Economist magazine and Editor in Chief of the VOCÊ SA. magazine. She had also been the news presenter Rádio Comercial.
Rosalia is the alao the author of The Right Man to Manage a Company is a Woman (PrimeBooks, three editions), and co-author of the The Book of Well Being together with Rosa Lobato de Faria (Edimpresa) and founder and author of the blogue Executives without a Tie, on the Expresso website.