Rita has a degree in Marketing & Advertising (IADE), a Master’s in Communication (New York University) and a Master Coach Degree.
She started her career in 1998 as a journalist, editor and coordinator for tourism and Economic sector programmes for SIC, a national Portuguese television channel, where she remained until 2009.
She then headed the Communication and Marketing office at M-Insight Technologies, working the digital marketing strategy for more than 80 companies in all economic sectors. 
From 2011 until march 2015 Rita worked at the Ministry of the Economy as a Communication Adviser to the Minister and Secretaries of State.
Since 2015, she has been Partner & CEO of Amp Associates, heading the premium consulting network and the Communication Advisory to CEOs, Politicians and International Investors. Amp Associates is also a leader in International Communication Consulting, helping Portuguese companies reach their international markets.
Rita is also the Managing Partner for Political Intelligence Portugal,  a Public Affairs multinational Company.

Debate: Reactions of leaders to the current Pandemic
We will be debating and directly questioning the leaders present on their first reactions and emotions on hearing the news on the Pandemic as well as their responses, be they informed or improvised. Responses in regard to themselves, their teams, their organisations – in the case of the latter as pertains to their collaborators, the value chain, clients and the balance – and finally as regards society itself.