Pedro is made of wind and spontaneous decisions, of knowledge and doubt. For a while he walked the same path of others, going to university, becoming a psychologist, being paid, taking holidays, missing people, missing places but, above all, missing parts of himself that he never quite knew he had. It all changed in India when he met with himself in the faces of others. It turns out one doesn’t need to have superpowers to go and be.
He quit his job, traded certainty for uncertainty and felt the pulse grow a bit stronger. He’s a man with a dream and the notion that, the way to fulfil that dream can be a creative one. He has over-landed to Singapore, cycled to South Africa, hitch-hiked across Central America and got lost a million times.He’s in love with LIFE.
All the time.

Talk: Stepping Off The Trail
Our LIFE is booming with adventure at every corner. But we close our eyes, we let our fears trump our desires and blindly follow the path that someone else has traced for us. Step. Step. Step. Deeper and deeper, digging with our feet. But sometimes, in the back of our minds, when no one’s watching, we relinquish the notion of what we could have, and entertain, silently, the notion of what we could do, what we could see, but above all, what we could be, if only we stepped off the trail. Let’s step off the trail?