Pedro Afonso is passionate about leadership and organizational transformation. He declares himself an influencer on the importance of leaders giving back.
He is a regular speaker at conferences and brings to the stage an experience of memorable communication and a unique vision when he speaks enthusiastically and energetically, on Leadership, People and Future. His pragmatic, positive and human presence is highly considered by the media.
He is member of the Strategic Council for the Digital Economy of the Portuguese Business Confederation (Confederação Industrial Portuguesa).
He joined VINCI Energies in 2017 to lead Axians Portugal. He is leading VINCI Energies Portugal since 2019. VINCI Energies is part of the VINCI Group and aggregates companies specialised engineering, consultancy, development and execution, maintenance and management of solutions and systems for energy transition and digital transformation of society, not just in Portugal but beyond borders.
Pedro Afonso began his career in Octal, Systems Engineering (INESC) as an engineer. He then joined
Novabase as Managing Director of Novabase IMS (Infrastructures and Managed Services) and a member of the Novabase SGPS Executive Committee.
He studied at the Military School (Colégio Militar) and proudly bears his beret on his lapel. He graduated in Computer Science, having specialized in Computational Systems at Instituto Superior Técnico. He went on to study an Advanced Management Program at the Catholic University and later Entrepreneurship for Venture Capital and Design Thinking at the University of Stanford in California. He enjoys life long learning.
Pedro is married and a proud father of three children. He considers his family as his main pillar. Horse riding and photographing moment of great meaning are his energy boosters which help him lead the group of companies and manage over 1700 employees who work alongside him.
Pedro believes that team leadership and business projects only mean something if they contribute to a more human and sustainable future – and thus gives back to life what life has given him.

Talk: Leadership – The Power of Giving Back