Paulo Pena was born in Lisbon in 1973. He studied journalism at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and in the CCJ, in Washington DC. He was editor of politics in Visão, a reporter at large in Público and currently in Diário de Notícias. In 2016 he founded Investigate Europe, a European cooperative of journalists. He was awarded two Gazeta journalism awards, among others. He has written three books (on student opposition to the dictatorship, the financial crisis and fake news). He is co-author of the TV series Teorias da Conspiração.

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Talk: True & False
Our public debate and our privacy are both under threat. Misinformation is a process: it starts out by being an attempt to manipulate our convictions, created by someone, for ideological or monetary reasons, and grows founded on a society made up of “phantom” fake profiles,
bots and replication software so as to gain territory, and ultimately depends on each and everyone of us to impose itself. It is the victims of misinformation who share it, who really disseminate it and make others aware of it.
For that reason, more than any other, we need to defend ourselves as an informed society , and to be able to distinguish good information from fake news. Today it is essential for us to at least know the basics about algorithms and targeted advertising before we allow our beliefs to be formatted at the speed of the click on the wrong link.