Edson has worked for various advertising agencies since 1985, in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. 
In 2014 he accepted a leadership role as CEO and Creative Director at FCB Lisboa. 
His curriculum boasts over 900 recognition awards received at both national and international festivals, such as Clio, the New York Festival, Epica, Eurobest, the One Show, as well as 8 Lions at Cannes.
Edson has long been studying the use of storytelling as a communication tool in advertising, journalism and social media.  His Seminar on this theme has been watched by thousands. 
In addition to his career in the advertising industry, Edson also  lectures, is a music producer, a television presenter, a screenwriter for cinema and television  and a playwriter.  He regularly writes chronicles for various publications and has published 12 books so far, two or which are novels. 

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