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The objective of a Global lockdown was to crush the COVID-19 pandemic curve. In addition to ending the lockdown, what else is necessary for the recovery of the economy? The pandemic led to technological software and systems seeing a rapid and exponential growth. How can we take advantage of this moment to promote the digitisation of the economy to the maximum?
In this section, SAPO, Cisco, ISQ, Microsoft, CIP and PHC Consulting answer the question “Can Technology Crush the Crisis Curve?” In the article “Why is technology critical to the success of organisations?”, IDC Portugal paints a picture of the Company of the Future.

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LEADING TECH How privacy is changing?
In a time marked by issues of privacy, building trust in brands and in internet service providers will require a joint effort of the whole of business and industry. However if advertisers and technology companies hold more information on consumers than ever before, it is no less true that trust in this relationship has been severely shaken, especially after the   Cambridge Analytics event. Is there a silent revolution on privacy taking place? Will trust be re-established once there is a joint effort from industry to increase transparency in the digital ecosystem? How can we block new attacks? What needs to be done to guarantee remote work security?

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