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Is influence the new power?

Digital Influencers and new power models?
Virtual Influencer? The power of influence
in the political arena and the world of organisations.
New political and religious activism fed by social media and the quantity and speed of information.

Impact by influence or inspiration?

Leadership on the inside and outside of social media?
Are influence and inspiration covered by the same definition? Is influence without inspiration a mistake? Leaders who inspire without influencing.

Does reputation depend on the number of followers?

Is it possible to measure the reputation of the leader of an organisation? What is the impact of reputation on leadership in organisations, on brands and on people? Are the numbers of followers likes and shares are trustworthy indicator? Where are we going with so many followers?

How to lead in the age of fake?

True of false, real world and virtual world, fake leaders and true leaders. Do truth and validity coincide? Lies, bullshit and sincerity.
Do sincere leaders exist?

Does knowledge still count?

Critical thought, science and technology, training and development, are they the safe haven for leadership?
Is cyber security one of the paths to truth?

In what can we trust?

What is the true meaning of trust?
Trust in what and in whom?
How can we develop trust in organisations, in the leader, in the teams?
Can we trust technology? And are the brands trustworthy? Can we teach trust?


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Tuesday, 7th October 2020

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