Leadership Summit Portugal
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Um novo rumo para o Planeta, para a Democracia e para a Humanidade?
Terça-feira, 28 setembro 2021 // Casino Estoril // Free Webinar e Líder TV (#165 – MEO)
Leading People - International HR Conference
De Sapiens a Digital - até onde?
Terça-feira, 7 julho 2021 // Nova SBE // Free Webinar e Líder TV (#165 – MEO)
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The major objective of the Leadership Summit Portugal is the production and dissemination of knowledge for leadership, raising the quality, responsibility and commitment of those who lead organisations and companies.  

To this end, it brings together various generations so as to answer the major questions of our time, with a view to building a future where Man, Society and the Planet are the central priorities. The assessment of leadership and its recognition are also the aims defended by the use of the Best Team Leaders® methodology.

Respect for the diversity of the human condition, the freedom of thought, the environment and the well-being of all animal species, are basic for an enlightened, responsible, ethically irreproachable leadership. Respect for technological and digital evolution also guaranteeing its instrumentality, especially as regards the essentiality of the Human.

Summits, congresses, meetings and events, assessment and recognition of leaders, as well as printed and online content as the outlets.