Yan Bai received a Ph.D. in Management from IESE Business School, Spain. Her main research interest is on ethics and decision making within organizations. Her current work focuses on how new technology affects organizational behaviour and the implications for leading organizations in an AI world. She previously served as an assistant professor at Xi’an International Studies University in China (2010-2014) and researcher of the Centre for Business in Society and of the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship platform at IESE Business School (2014-2019). Currently, she lectures Business Ethics and Social Responsibility at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Portugal.

Talk: Back to the Future: A Behavioral Perspective of Covid-19
Pandemic affects human behavior unprecedentedly, from a global catastrophe to an ultimate influencer of changes in social, economic and political behavior. Identifying the new needs is crucial, as changes could last longer than we expect or even permanently transform how we do things. Do we still rely on social media, to read news or to do shopping? How virtual office affects power dynamics and leadership? Are we still willing to travel in the post-Covid-19 future? What about meetup and matchmaking algorithm? What if your teammate is an Artificially Intelligent (AI) agent? Leading organizations in change is both challenging and exciting. Be ready to make a positive and creative move.