Ricardo Vargas is the author of the book Chief Executive Team and CEO of Consulting House. He is a regular invited speaker  in organizations around the world as his results-based  approach with CEOs and executive teams leads them to maximize their skills and personal impact.
With over twenty-five years of experience as an Advisor of Executive Teams, Ricardo has established an international reputation for developing the effectiveness of Top Teams in areas as diverse as IT, FMCG, Pharma, Banking, Consumer Electronics and Retail. 
Creative and provocative in his approach, Ricardo works with executive team members,  driving a profound reflection on the role that each of them plays in the organization. The change In perception, improvement of attitude and personal development of the leaders, combined with the increased effectiveness of the executive teams that go through the Chief Executive Team workshops and coaching programs have been remarkable.
With more than 100 articles published in management magazines and four management books published in Portugal, Spain and Brazil.
Ricardo Vargas is the only person in the world to hold the three globally recognized professional certifications: Professional Certified Coach® by the International Coach Federation, Certified Management Consultant® by the Institute of Management Consultants USA and Certified Speaking Professional® by the Global Speakers Federation. 
He has already been awarded Portuguese Consultant of The Year by HR Magazine and a jury of clients and CEOs of consulting companies. As an expert in executive team effectiveness, Ricardo currently supports clients in both the USA and Europe.

Talk: It’s time for a leadership transformation: meet the Chief Executive Team 
What can C-level executives learn from the pandemic? Organizational psychologist and author of the upcoming book “Chief Executive Team”, Ricardo Vargas offers a provocative answer: Covid-19 provided a ruthless demonstration of what was already not working in leadership. He will explore why top executives are usually the worst team in the company and how that has been hurting both bottom-line results and talent management. Hear the arguments for the transformation of leadership that CEO’s must drive to create faster, more intelligent, and innovative organizations. The current crisis is an opportunity to (finally) do the things we know are right for decades: increase the quality of management decisions by creating better processes to make sense of the world.