Miguel Matos is a graduate in Business Management and Administration. He joined Tabaqueira in 1998. Over his career he has held various posts in the field of finance in Portugal, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and more recently on the Canary Islands. He returned at the beginning of 2017 to take up the position of Director General of Tabaqueira, a subsidiary company of Philip Morris International, headquartered in Sintra, which exports almost 80% of its production, and is one of the ten major national export companies. Tabaqueira exports to over 25 countries and is the first Portuguese factory to receive the Alliance Certification for Water Stewardship. The company is focused on working towards a smoke-free future by providing smokers with better heat-not-burn innovative alternatives, such as heated tabaco which Portugal became the fourth  country in the world to comercialize. 
Tabaqueira’s commitment to sustainability  is transversal across its whole activity, with the aim of reducing the negative externalities associated to its products, operation and value chain. 
As it moves towards its goal of creating a smoke free future, the company also has strategic objectives for the reduction of its environmental footprint and the management of the planet’s limited resources, respect for the people in its value chain, as well as achieving operational excellence.

Talk: Together towards a smoke-free future
While we are widely known as a cigarette company, we have announced a new purpose: deliver a smoke-free future by focusing our resources on developing, scientifically substantiating and responsibly commercializing smoke-free products that are less harmful than smoking, with the aim of completely replacing cigarettes. Since then, and even with the pandemic, we are transforming our business and need to continue earning the trust and cooperation from our supply chain partners to regulators and public health authorities. A smoke-free future is attainable, and the benefits it can bring to the people who would otherwise continue to smoke, and hence to global public health, are enormous.