Carolina Pereira is a multi-awarded activist and social entrepreneur for media, feminism, and human rights.
Lighting the way for a new generation of media activists, Carolina is a Co-Founder of, working in the intersection between media, sustainability, and human rights. As a feminist social entrepreneur, she is also a Co-Director of Sathyam Project (non-profit organization based in Chennai, India), empowering women and girls to break the cycle of poverty and inequality in their families and society. As a storyteller for United Nations SDG Action Campaign, she has collaborated in creative media programs like #ACT4SDGs reaching over 50 million people, taking action in around 1.000 cities, and was also Host and Producer at the UN SDG Studio, managing a live stage (broadcast on UN Web TV).
Carolina the founder of #HeForShe Portugal (UN Women movement), creating a national youth movement for gender equality, women, and LGBTQ+ rights, with clubs in dozens of universities across the country and more than 200 regular young activists. She also collaborated with the communication team of #RightLivelihoodAward (also known as Alternative #NobelPrize) and was an ambassador for ID Europa (by the European Parliament).

Debate: Activism. And now, in what can we trust?
Activism and democracy runs on screens. Electing representatives, joining campaigns, supporting protests, understanding causes, rights and injustices are all acts informed by images, sounds and words delivered by screens both big and small.
We are facing a pandemic, which is also an infodemic. Climate and social movements are on the rise. Confusion increases. And now, in what can we trust?