Lisboa, 1982
Bruno divides his career between the theatre, television and the radio.
In the theatre he has appeared in Antes Elas do que Nós, (Rather Them Than Us) by playwright João Quadros, and Avalanche, by Ana Bola – both staged by António Pires; Os Melhores Sketches dos Monty Python (the Best Monty Python Sketches), directed by António Feio; Azul Longe das Colinas,(Blue beyond the Hills) by Dennis Potter, A Conquista do Pólo Sul,(Conquering the North Pole) by Manfred Karge and O Meu Vizinho é Judeu,(My Neighbour is a Jew) by Jean-Claude Grumberg – all three staged by Beatriz Batarda; and Actores,(Actors) by Marco Martins.
He is the playwright of “Deixem o Pimba em Paz” (2013) (Leave the Pimba Alone), where together with Manuela Azevedo, he deconstructs the most emblematic songs of the popular music genre in Portugal. The Show, which was produced as an album, is still on tour and in 2016 it was presented live in Terreiro do Paço to an audience of 30 thousand.
He is one of the creators of the podcast “Uma Nêspera no Cu” 2ª Loquat Up the Bum ( 2015)”, which would later come to be presented live at the Coliseums which sold out both in Lisbon and in Porto, and returned in 2019 to the same venues as a musical, and repeating its great success once again.
His television career has given him notoriety from the outset of his career when he became recognised for his stand up comedy act in highly successful programmes such as “Levanta-te e Ri” (Stand Up and Laugh), “Manobras de Diversão” (Diversion Manouvres) and “Herman Sic”, among others. He also presented some programmes such as “O Pior Condutor de Sempre” “The Worst Driver Ever” and later became the host of the “Lado B” (B Side) talk show. He appeared on programmes such as Contemporâneos, (The Contemporary) which he co-created. He created, wrote and performed in “Last to Leave” (RTP) and “Odisseia” (Odyssey) (RTP). More recently he created and presented the programme “Som de Cristal” (The Sound of Crystal) (SIC) and in 2017 appears alongside Miguel Esteves Cardoso in “Fugiram de Casa dos Seus Pais” (They Ran Away from their Parent’s Home ( RTP), a joint original creation, In 2018 he co- writes the series “Sara”, directed by Marco Martins and starring Beatriz Batarda, the first episodes of which premiered at the Indie Lisboa – an International Film Festival. The series premiered on RTP in October.
On the radio together with João Quadros he is co-creator of Tubo de Ensaio (Test Tube) on TSF. He also writes the Mata-Bicho (Breakfast) sketch on Antena 3 and, more recently, Não Tejas Medo (Don’t Be Afraid) on Rádio Comercial.
At the end of 2018 he returned to Stand Up Comedy, after an interruption of 10 years. The New Show is “Depois do Medo (After the Fear), which is currently on the road with every date sold out wherever he goes. In October 2019 he presents his Show in Lisbon at the National Theatre Dona Maria II – and remains forever in the history of the venue as it is the first time the National Theatre hosts Stand Up Comedy. The tickets for the 5 performance dates sold out in 24 hours.
In October 2019 he performs in Lisbon at the Nation al Theatre and in May of the same year he returns to the Lisbon Coliseum with Uma Nêspera no Cu: O Musical (A Loquat Up The Bum: The Musical) and premieres the show “A Matança Ritual de Gorge Mastromas”, (The Ritual Killing of Gorge Mastromas) with staging by Tiago Guedes, at the National Theatre D. Maria II.