Anna Masiello is a 27 years old entrepreneur and environmental activist from Italy. She has a Masters in Studies of the Environment and Sustainability by ISCTE, she’s part of the Global Shapers Lisbon Hub of the World Economic Forum and she works in the circular economy and waste management field. She is a content creator about zero waste and low impact lifestyle for the Instagram and Facebook account @hero_to_0 and she is the founder of R-Coat, a community-based brand of circular and sustainable fashion that turns broken umbrellas into clothing and accessories.

Debate: Speed that needs to be regained and speed that shouldn’t be
Many individuals and businesses have been looking forward to go back to normality after the challenging months of lockdown; but is the world pre-COVID-19 what we should go back to?
We are being given a fresh new page to do things right once and for all. How do we rise after a global pandemic? How do we raise the economy without weakening and exploring our Planet’s natural resources? What needs to change individually and systemically to create a sustainable post-COVID-19 world?