LEADERSHIP SUMMIT PORTUGAL | Speaker – Ricardo Araújo Pereira
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Speakers & Talks

Ricardo Araújo Pereira


He was born in Lisbon, in 1974. With a degree in Media Studies by the Portuguese Catholic University, he began his career working as a reporter for the periodical Jornal de Letras. He has worked as a script writer since 1998. In 2003, he formed a comic group, Gato Fedorento, with Miguel Góis, Zé Diogo Quintela and Tiago Dores. He writes every week for the magazine Visão and is one of the participants in the radio programme TSF Governo Sombra. He is also the writer, since 2012, for the programme Mixórdia de Temáticas on Rádio Comercial. He has authored four chronicle books published by Tinta-da-china — Boca do Inferno (2007), Novas Crónicas da Boca do Inferno (2009), A Chama Imensa (2010) and Mixórdia de Temática (2012) —, and Se não entenderes eu conto de novo, pá (Brasil, 2012). He is coordinator of the Collection of Comic Literature Classics, with authors like Charles Dickens, Denis Diderot and Jaroslav Hasek. Winner of the Grande Prémio da Crónica award, by the Portuguese Writers’ Association. “A doença, o sofrimento e a morte entram num bar – uma espécie de manual de escrita humorística” is the title of the book launched in 2016. He is fan no. 17411 of Sport Lisboa e Benfica football club.

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