LEADERSHIP SUMMIT PORTUGAL | Speaker – Henrique Monteiro
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Henrique Monteiro
Journalist, Author


Henrique Monteiro has been a journalist since 1979, having worked in several newspapers. In 1989 he joined Expresso and in January 2006 he was appointed director. In 2008 he went to Publisher do Expresso, Director of the economic magazine Exame and the magazine Courrier Internacional. In 2010 he was also named Publisher and Director of the magazine Intelligente Life. From 2011 he became Editorial Director for the New Platforms of the Impresa Publishing group and the company’s administrator. In 2015, he became the Managing Director of Impresa.

He founded the Liberal Left Club and the Alexis de Tocqueville Club.

He is a contributor to Expresso, SIC and Rádio Renascença, as a political commentator.

He published weekly, since 1990, with the pseudonym ‘Comendador Marques de Correia’ the chronicles of humor ‘Letters Open’, and these have been compiled in book. He is the author of the novels Papel Pardo, Toda uma Vida and The Kiribati Reporter. He organized the book Grandes Discursos da História.


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