LEADERSHIP SUMMIT PORTUGAL | Speaker – Francisco Goiana Silva
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Speakers & Talks

Francisco Goiana Silva
Curator Global Shapers Portugal


Francisco Goiana da Silva is a physician, with a medical degree from Lisbon University Medical School. He was born in a small town in the north of Portugal, Santo Tirso, where he received a strong Catholic Education (Jesuits). Francisco played the violin for 9 years at the music conservatory (CCM) and became a self-made sculptor, having organized several
individual and collective exhibitions showcasing his marble art work. He has held several leadership positions in both national and international organizations, including being elected President of the Student Union of
Medicine University. Throughout his mandates, he implemented dozens of projects with a great social impact on health and education. Referred by many of his peers as a politician and a medical education entrepreneur, he was responsible for the development of the first class in –”Healthcare Politics, Management and Innovation” in a Portuguese Medical School, where he lectures at the moment. He is also the first author of two published children’s books: “A day in
Teddy Bear Hospital” and “Matilda is Bald”. After working at the Health Workforce Department – WHO Geneva, Francisco got a masters degree in International Health Management at the Imperial College Business School and a post-graduation
course in Global Health Delivery at Harvard University. Francisco joined the Portuguese Government in January 2016 as Deputy to the Health Secretary of State.

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