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Speakers & Talks

Aida Chamiça
Master Certified Coach


Executives who want to rise to the next level

The emergence of new concepts and realities which involve agility, flexibility and focus, requires a great ability from leaders to adapt and adjust. Leaders are the ones who must go ahead and give the example, inspire their teams to give their best in all ambiguous and complex scenarios. The digital transformation that is taking course, which shape and contours we can not totally predict, but that will have an enormous impact on organisations and on traditional work methods, forces leaders to rethink what they need to develop, overcome and defeat so they can be at their best shape. What skills, talents and potential do they have inside them that they need to work on and develop so they can successfully lead their high-performance teams throughout change and transformation? Break Heaven is the ambition of leaders who always want to be at their top game to confidently face the future.


Aida Chamiça develops her professional activity in the Business world where she coaches executives and high management teams. She studied at College of Executive Coaching and, in 2012, she was the first Portuguese to obtain the MCC diploma (Master Certified Coach) by the International Coach Federation. There are only 600 MCC in the whole world. She is also a Coaches’ Supervisor certified by the Coaching Supervision Academy (London), and a speaker at Nova University – IMS. Aida Chamiça is also the author of the book “Break Heaven: a book for executives that want to rise to next level”. Until 2003 she was Senior Manager at the company Accenture and she has been working in the leaders’ development area since 1992.

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