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  • 9h00 | Check-in

  • 9h30 | Opening speech by the organization

  • 9h45 | European Perspectives on HR and innovation by Lucas Van Wees,

    President of EAPM (European Association of People Management)

  • 10h15 | 3 minutes challenge with Paula Oliveira, Senior Partner SDO Consulting & Pedro Ramos, DRH TAP (first round)

  • 10h40 | TRUST: The path of human leadership by André Ribeiro Pires, administrator Multipessoal

  • 11h00 | Coffee-Break

  • 11h30 | AR3 W3 HUMAN5 0R R0B0T5 ? by Pedro Teixeira, People Engineer Lemon Works

  • 11h50 | 3 minutes challenge with Luís Urmal CEO SAP & Catarina Silva, DRH Capgemini (second round)

  • 12h10 | Best Leaders 2019 nominations

  • 12h25 | A brief inspirational story by Herro K. Mustafa, Deputy Chief of Mission, EUA

  • 13h00 | Lunch – Leading People Buffet

  • 14h15 | The International HR Tendencies by Leyla Nascimento, President of WFPM (World Federation of People Management)

  • 14h35 | Design the way to have the answers: Debate with António Saraiva, President of CIP, Mário Ceitil, President of APG, Manuel Sousa Antunes, President Pessoas@2020, moderated by Catarina G. Barosa, Líder magazine & Mariana Barbosa, Eco

  • 15h10 | 3 minutes challenge with Alcino Lavrador, CEO Altice Labs & Joana Queiroz Ribeiro, DRH Fidelidade (third round)

  • 15h40 | Can the globalized world be ecologically sustainable? Robin Teigland, Professor at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, interviewed by Diogo Almeida Alves, Global Shaper of World Economic Forum

  • 16h00 | Snack Stop – Autograph session at Tema Central stand

  • 16h30 | Paradox & Sustainability: how to live with, by Miguel Alves Martins, Executive Diretor Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Center

  • 16h50 | The path is made of choices by Madga Faria, Head of Safety Excellence and Workplace, Axians

  • 17h10 | Best Leaders 2019 nominations – Short List

  • 17h20 | Os profissionais with Mónica Vale de Gato, Abbadhia Vieira e Pedro Miguel Ribeiro

  • 17h45 | Official opening Leadership Summit Portugal 2019

  • 18h00 | Leading Sunset – DJ Burnout

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