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  • 9h30 | Welcome by the Organisation

  • 9h45 | Opening Keynote to annonce

  • 10h05 | The suisse experience, Barbara Aeschlimann , president of the Swiss HR Management Association

  • 10h25 | How to lead in the age of fake? Leyla Nascimento, president of the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA)..Barbara Aeschlimann , president of the Swiss HR Management Association , Mário Ceitil, President of APG (Portuguese Association of People Management). Afonso Carvalho, president of APEPE-RH, Moderated by 2 HR directors

  • 11h05 | Coffee break

  • 11h45 | Fake News explore our deepest bias. Now what? – Joana de Sá -Professor and Researcher for the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant) to study human behavior when sharing “fake news”.

  • 12h05 | New ativisms inside organisations – Stwart Clegg, australian professor in the organization studies

  • 12h20 | New ativisms – How to lead with ? António Saraiva, President of CIP, ……Moderated by Miguel Pina e Cunha Professor Amélia de Mello Foundation at Nova SBE, author of the paper and Director of Líder Magazine

  • 12h55 | Best Public Leaders® nominations

  • 13h00 | Leanding People Lunch for everyone

  • 14h00 | Ethics and Decision Making – Yan Bai , Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics

  • 14h30 | The power of Linkedin to leading people -Pedro Caramez, Speaker and consultant exclusively on Linkedin

  • 14h50 | The Power of Facebook to leading People- Paulo Faustino, consultant certified in Digital Marketing Strategy by Harvard University and Certified trainer in Neurosales by the Klaric Academy of Colombia

  • 15h10 | Diferent visions about social media and HR Management – Inês Mendes da Silva, CEO otable, Manuela Gomes, Comunication & Marketing director at Capgemini Porugal, Rita Pereira, actress, Pedro Texeira, Actor

  • 15h45 | How to lead with paradoxes – Arménio Rego , Guest Tenured Professor at Católica Porto Business School, ( special moment with a book release) –

  • 16h00 | Book release & autographe session Paradoxos da Liderança (Capa)

  • 16h30 | Best Public Leaders® results

  • 16h40 | Keynote to annonce

  • 17h00 | Inspirational moment – 8 generations speak to leaders

  • 17h25 | Official opening Leadership Summit Portugal

  • 17h30 | Special offer LSP 2020

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