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Paula Oliveira
Senior Partner of SDO Consulting


Paula Oliveira has more than 25 years of professional career dedicating the last 10 to strategic entrepreneurship and supporting the development of new business in various industries in emerging markets and mature markets.

Entrepreneur and business woman, she is Senior Partner of SDO Consulting, founder and PCA of Ucall Lda, founder and general director of the OonDah Group, founder and mentor of Fábrica Digital, founder and Strategic Director of JUNTOS, a social responsibility project. Graduated in “Human Resources Management and Work Psychology”, with a post-graduate degree in Management from Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

With a strong vocation for strategic innovation in the sustainable development of business and people, she has created projects that reflect the transformation of companies, processes, delivery quality and, consequently, their operational and commercial results. She founded the UCALL Academy, a project that reflects several years of management and identification of young potential talents, which has been repeated in clients with very positive results in people and in the notoriety of companies.

In the social sphere, she has developed projects of deep involvement with communities, “sponsors” and “opinion leaders” that result in a healthy and sustainable impact in the long term.

One of her biggest challenges is finding a balance between personal and professional life, which is essential to get the focus and energy you need to perform well. She assumes a positive attitude towards life, optimistic by nature and impulsive when it comes to seizing opportunities, challenges the status quo quite naturally and without fear of risking.

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