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Other events

Sunset VIP Lounge

After the summit, the organization invites all participants to a sunset in the VIP Lounge with the launch of a new book and the presence of Fernando Alvim as guest DJ. Relax and cool music is the way to close the second edition of Leadership Summit Portugal.


Fernando Alvim, was born in 1974 and since then he has tried to save the world. Some of the society’s most prominent inventions were due to him, although false information points to others. The wheel is an example. Fernando Alvim is a communicator and therefore communicates almost everywhere. On the radio channel Antena 3, he has programs like Prova Oral, the weekly top A3 30 and the show Obrigado internet. You can also see him on television in canal Q where he presents É a vida Alvim, in RTP Memória with A retroescavadora and Traz para a frente, and in RTP1 that soon will also present the program Prova Oral. He is also responsible for a podcast called Com o humor não se brinca. Besides all these activities, Fernando Alvim is also creator and producer of a series of events such as: Monstros do Ano, Prémios Novos, Festival Alternativo da Canção, Festival Termómetro, Quarto Escuro, Torneio de Golfe para Nabos, among so many other ideas.

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