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Other events

Book Signing Session – Arlindo Oliveira

Book: Digital Minds –Science Redefining Humanity

Time: 11h00

Place: Public Lounge – LSP


What do computers, cells and brains have in common? Computers are electronic devices conceived by human beings; cells are biological entities created by evolution; brains are the recipients and the creators of our minds. They are all, in one way or another, information processing devices which result from the exponential growth patterns which characterize not just living beings, but also many of the technological developments.

Is the human brain the only system capable of housing an intelligent mind?
If not, what route do we have to take to achieve digital minds?

Will they be conscious, our partners or our rivals?

What will the social, economic, legal and ethical implications be?

Complex issues, which this book discusses and tries to answer.

Book Signing Session – Ricardo Bellino

Book: 3 Minutes for Success

Time: 16h10

Place: Public Lounge – LSP


How much time do you need to sell an idea? For the Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Bellino, three minutes was enough. This was the amount of time which Donald Trump granted Bellino when he arrived at his office in Trump Tower, with a view to selling him one of his ideas. Bellino stuck to the rigid deadline set by the American billionaire and left with a closed deal.

How was this possible? That is what the reader will discover in 3 Minutes for Success. In this book, the author combines surprising results from recent scientific research, with effective sales and communication techniques and examples of his professional career and that of other successful entrepreneurs in order to show that the first three minutes are essential in closing a deal and how the reader can use this in his favour.

Book Signing Session – Abbadhia Vieira

Book: LAUGHTERISM: Entrepreneurship with Humour

Time: 14h15

Place: Public Lounge – LSP


Laughter and entrepreneurship: a recipe for success!

Is entrepreneurship with joy possible? IS it possible to act, even with playfulness, in the competitive marketplace? This and other questions are answered by the entrepreneur, speaker and actress Abbadhia Vieira, in her book: LAUGHTERISM: Entrepreneurship with Humour.

The answer to the questions above is simply yes, and Abbadhia Vieira truly believes that humour is a key fundamental in today’s competitiveness. The book however goes beyond that. Although laughter is present in the vast majority of the book, the author also reviews her life, analyses her mistakes, her failures and hiccups along the way, until she establishes herself with the creation of her own concept, “business theatre”, which uses elements of cinema and theatre to improve professional performance and corporate environments.

Founder of the Motivational Corporate Theatre (TEM) and the Comedy Channel S/A, Abbadhia Vieira has worked with the major national and multinational companies in Brazil and Portugal for over a decade.

In a lighthearted way this publication conquers the reader page by page and all has the added bonus of containing important interviews with Fábio Porchat, Ricardo Araújo Pereira, Ricardo Belino, Murilo Gun, among others. The latter interact with the author and also tell important stories for the entrepreneur who, effectively aspires to be a winner. The publication is part of the Find Out collection by the Portuguese publisher Tema Central and will be launched in Portugal, Angola and Brazil.

Book Launch – How Fast Can We Go? – – The role of the leader in digital transformation? – Anabela Chastre

Time: 18h10

Place: VIP Lounge


It is an unavoidable fact that today the physical and the digital world cohabit alongside each other. All the smart mobile devices that are part of our daily lives, are in one way or another connected to a data source. Data which leads us to crucial interpretation of organizational development. Digital transformation is thus at the forefront of the day to day concerns of the organizations which aspire to play an active role in the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution. This transformation does not however depend solely on the greater use of technological tools, but rather implies the transformation of procedures and clearly, of mentalities and attitudes.

In the light of this, the leader takes on a determinant role, due to his global and strategic vision, efficient communication and added value, overcoming the possible obstacles to change within the organization.

This book is the result of the opinions of various leaders interviewed at “high speed”, and who, despite the uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the conditions, were able to rise to the challenge, viewing the future with great optimism.

Sunset VIP Lounge

After the summit, the organization invites all participants to a sunset in the VIP Lounge with the launch of a new book and the presence of Fernando Alvim as guest DJ. Relax and cool music is the way to close the second edition of Leadership Summit Portugal.


Fernando Alvim, was born in 1974 and since then he has tried to save the world. Some of the society’s most prominent inventions were due to him, although false information points to others. The wheel is an example. Fernando Alvim is a communicator and therefore communicates almost everywhere. On the radio channel Antena 3, he has programs like Prova Oral, the weekly top A3 30 and the show Obrigado internet. You can also see him on television in canal Q where he presents É a vida Alvim, in RTP Memória with A retroescavadora and Traz para a frente, and in RTP1 that soon will also present the program Prova Oral. He is also responsible for a podcast called Com o humor não se brinca. Besides all these activities, Fernando Alvim is also creator and producer of a series of events such as: Monstros do Ano, Prémios Novos, Festival Alternativo da Canção, Festival Termómetro, Quarto Escuro, Torneio de Golfe para Nabos, among so many other ideas.

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