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Other events

11h15 to 12h00 – Global Shapers’ Perspectives: Are we going together?

13h00 to 14h30 – Lunch for VIP Guests

At this time VIP ticket holders are welcome to enjoy a fine lunch at Hotel Palácio.

16h20 to 16h50 – Lounge Stage – BrainStorm

Answer the summit questions, under pressure. In only one or two minutes, answer the summit questions. As soon as you finish, we will crop and publish your video in our social media accounts.

18h30 to 20h00 – Sunset open for all participants

To wine down after a long day, we invite you to join us for sunset with DJ Fernando Alvim where we will serve drinks and snacks. This event is open for all participants.

Fundraiser – The Maria Cristina Foundation (MCF) is a non-profit organization founded by Maria Conceição in 2005. The foundation has been effectively breaking the chains of inter-generation cycles of poverty through education in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We believe education opens endless opportunities. We invite the children and adults to a whole new level of dreams being turned into reality one step at a time. We aim to provide them with the best education there is, so as to groom them to face the competitive world and truly help them achieve their dreams.

Fundraiser – Climate change is the biggest, most threatening issue of our time. We must do everything we can and more to not only stop our carbon emissions but also to reach a carbon negative footprint by planting trees and restoring ecosystems. The OZG is an association that plants forests in Sub-Saharan Africa to stop desertification due to climate change. Desertification is a direct by-product of climate change as an alteration of spatial and temporal patterns in temperature, rainfall, solar radiation, and winds exacerbate desertification. Not only that, but exposed soils don’t hold carbon, they release the carbon they had in storage. But this process can be reverted with the right management and tools. The OZG does an incredible job by engaging directly with the local community in each of their projects, creating as a result of reforestation a socio-economic development due to the increase of biodiversity, groundwater level, and economic possibilities. Each euro donated to this organization equals one tree planted in areas at risk of desertification in Africa. Donate now for a better future and reduce your personal or your company’s carbon footprint. Let’s start greening the desert.

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