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Leyla Nascimento
President WFPMA

Leyla Nascimento is president of the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA), being the first woman to occupy this position. She is CEO of Instituto Capacitare, a Brazilian company focused on internship and training programs for young talents. She has been working for more than 30 years in projects and programs focused on the development of human resources.

Graduated in Pedagogy from the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), postgraduate in Education and Development of HR by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Master in Business Management from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV).

She was president of the Inter-American Federation of Human Resources Management (FIDAGH).

She held the post of General Secretary and Treasurer of the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) from 2016 to 2018. She was president of the Brazilian Association of Human Resources (ABRH Brasil) between 2016-2018. She is an advisor to the Confederation of Human Resources Associations of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CRHLP).

She is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Management. She is the author of numerous articles published on topics related to Human Resources and also the book Gerenciando Pessoas. She lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has two children.

Lucas Van Wees
President EAPM

Lucas Van Wees holds an B.Sc in Tourism & Leisure and Masters in Social Sciences, Telecommunications, and Business.

He worked for Philips, Shell, KPN in HR, management and commercial jobs. Since 2001 he was Vice President HR Commercial and Global for KLM which merged mid 2004 with Air France. In 2016 he became the Director HRM for the University of Amsterdam.
Van Wees was co-author or editor for four books and published various (international) articles.

His contribution to a European book, describing HR practices in 13 European countries, was published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis.
Amongst others, he was on the Board of the Dutch Association of Personnel Management (NVP) and Vice President of the Board of the European Association for People Management (EAPM). He was elected President of the EAPM in October 2017 in Paris and became Board member of the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA). The EAPM is the ‘umbrella’ for 31 national HR associations representing 250000 HR professionals in Europe.

Robin Teigland
Professor, entrepreneur

Robin Teigland is Professor in Management of Digitalization in the Entrepreneurship and Strategy Division at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden where she was recently recruited to build bridges between technology and the development of society.  She is also Professor of Business Administration at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). In 2017, 2018, and 2019 Robin was listed by the Swedish business magazine, Veckans Affärer, as one of Sweden’s most influential women, primarily in technology.  Teigland is currently leading several projects investigating AI and its influence on value creation in society and how the convergence of disruptive technologies including AI is transforming long-standing institutional structures leading to new organizational and labor forms. Not only is Robin a digital nomad – moving continuously between Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, and Portugal, but she is also a social entrepreneur, having recently started a blue circular economy project and an ocean tech hub in Peniche, Portugal that focuses on enabling regional development in coastal communities through digital technologies.

António Saraiva
President of CIP

António Saraiva is the President of CIP – Business Confederation of Portugal, since January 2010 and Chairman of the board of Metalúrgica Luso-Italiana. He was born in 1953, has two children and four grandchildren. Director of Metalúrgica Luso-Italiana since 1992, he has bought the company from de Mello Group in 1996. Ha was President of the Association of Metallurgical Industries until 2009, before being elected President of CIP.

Mário Ceitil
President APG

Consultant and trainer in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior since 1981, having participated in several intervention projects, in the fields of Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management, in some of the main private and public companies and organizations in Portugal and in countries of lusophone Africa. He was a consultant for international CEGOS teams in European projects.

He has been a university professor since 1981 in the areas of Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management. He has lectured at ISPA, ISCTE, Católica Lisbon, ISG and Universidade Lusófona.

Associate Director of CEGOC from 1993 to 2015.

He has published several books, as author and co-author and more than two hundred articles in various newspapers and magazines.

Coordinator of the Executive Master in Strategic Human Resources Management, INDEG-ISCTE.

President of APG (Portuguese Association of People Management).

Manuel Sousa Antunes
President Pessoas@2020

Manuel has a degree in Management and Administration and Specialization in Human Resources Management both by the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon

He is a Co-Founder & Partner of UNEEQ Consulting Group, University Professor of ISCSP – University of Lisbon, Executive Coordinator of the School of Leadership and Innovation of the University of Lisbon, Executive Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Higher Institute of Social Sciences and Policies – University of Lisbon, Chairman of the Forum People and Organizations – Pessoas@2020 Association, ODS Portugal Alliance Ambassador – Objectives for Sustainable Development of the United Nations, member of the Leading People Group – Leadership Summit Portugal, International Director of ABRH Brazil .

He was a director of Grupo Barraqueiro, general manager of GO Express, General Manager of Valet Parking (Mr. Parking), general manager of Additional Logistics, director of Human Resources at Ramel, SA, director of Human Resources at ICA, SA and adviser of the Corporate Academy of Montepio Geral bank.

Alcino Lavrador
General Manager Altice Labs

Alcino Lavrador is General Manager of Altice Labs, Altice Group Research, Innovation and Technology Development Centre with more than 700 researchers and engineers.

Is an electrical engineer graduate from Coimbra’s University. He began his career in 1985 at PT Inovação, now Altice Labs, as a development engineer for network protocols and later for intelligent network services. He held various manager positions in the company, and lead major projects in Africa and Brazil pioneering the internationalization of Portugal Telecom and PT Inovação, until he became general manager for the subsidiary in Brazil in January, 2003.

In August 2006 was nominated executive board member of PT Inovação until March 2008 when became PT Inovação’s CEO until September 2015, to hold his current position as General Manager for Altice Labs.

Alcino also holds positions in several Portuguese entities related to innovation and ICT namely: is member of the Advisory Board of ANI – Innovation Agency, a Portuguese government entity which sets up the innovation policies; is member of the Doctoral School at Aveiro’s University which defines the rules for the doctoral and post-doctoral programmes; is also vice-president of the national portuguese ICT Cluster – TICE.PT.

Pedro Teixeira
CEO Lemon Works

Pedro is passionate about the relationship between people and how to tap into their potential for growth. Why do people do what they do? Is there another way to get what they want? Do people know where they want to go? How do people feel committed to business? How do collaborators exploit their motivations? How do they relate to the purpose of the company?

His knowledge and experience in human behavior, Psychology, Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming are some of the areas he has studied in recent years. The best way to learn is to ask questions and to experiment without fear. The quality of our lives is in direct relation to the quality of questions we ask ourselves in our daily lives.

Right now you’re at Lemon Works and Mindera to make it easier for people to find their purpose.

His main interests are: personal development, self-knowledge and how we can learn from the past of organizations, trying and challenging something different in the present and changing the future of work forever! “

Joana Queiroz Ribeiro
HRD Fidelidade

Born in Porto, Joana Queiroz Ribeiro began her career at Unicer, soon after finishing her degree in Food Engineering at the Catholic University’s School of Biotechnology. It began as a quality technique in the industrial quality department and, two years later, already supervised the areas of legislation, documentation and hygiene. In 1998 she was already responsible for the quality systems of the company and three years later they invited her to direct the area of ​​communication and institutional relations. In 2008 passed the director of People and Communication. In 2014 she decides to leave the company to dedicate herself to independent projects as a consultant in these areas. She realized she would not be the way there because she needs to work as a team, she says, but at the beginning of 2015 she accepted the challenge of a radical change of sector, assuming the position of Director of People and Organization in Fidelidade.

Over the years, Joana Queiroz Ribeiro has received, in particular, “Maxima Business Woman Award” in 2011 (in the Executive category), “Communication Director of the Year” of the 2004 and 2005 M & P Awards, and the “Director of HR that you would most like to have “from Human Resources Portugal.

Pedro Ramos
HRD Grup TAP Air Portugal

He holds a PhD in Economics of Empresa y Finanzas from Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid), MSc in Sociology of Employment from ISCTE (Lisbon) and BSc in Educational Sciences.

He is currently Director of Human Resources for the TAP Air Portugal Group, having previously held the position as Executive Director with the responsibilities of HR (COO), Operations (COO), Commercial (CCO) and IT (CIO) at Groundforce Portugal.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the top management of Human Resources in several large companies, namely: Groundforce, CARRIS, Grupo ETE, OGMA-Aeronautical Industry of Portugal, GECI International Group, National Press-Casa da Moeda, among others .

He is also a university professor in the areas of Management, Leadership and Human Resource Management, being a guest lecturer and trainer at several national and international events and seminars in the areas of HRM and Leadership.

He is the author of several books, scientific and technical articles and journals in the areas of People Management and Leadership in organizations.

Throughout his career he has received several awards and distinctions of excellence for his role as Person Manager.

Paula Oliveira
Senior Partner of SDO Consulting

Paula Oliveira has more than 25 years of professional career dedicating the last 10 to strategic entrepreneurship and supporting the development of new business in various industries in emerging markets and mature markets.

Entrepreneur and business woman, she is Senior Partner of SDO Consulting, founder and PCA of Ucall Lda, founder and general director of the OonDah Group, founder and mentor of Fábrica Digital, founder and Strategic Director of JUNTOS, a social responsibility project. Graduated in “Human Resources Management and Work Psychology”, with a post-graduate degree in Management from Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

With a strong vocation for strategic innovation in the sustainable development of business and people, she has created projects that reflect the transformation of companies, processes, delivery quality and, consequently, their operational and commercial results. She founded the UCALL Academy, a project that reflects several years of management and identification of young potential talents, which has been repeated in clients with very positive results in people and in the notoriety of companies.

In the social sphere, she has developed projects of deep involvement with communities, “sponsors” and “opinion leaders” that result in a healthy and sustainable impact in the long term.

One of her biggest challenges is finding a balance between personal and professional life, which is essential to get the focus and energy you need to perform well. She assumes a positive attitude towards life, optimistic by nature and impulsive when it comes to seizing opportunities, challenges the status quo quite naturally and without fear of risking.

André Ribeiro Pires
Administrator of Multipessoal

André Ribeiro Pires is administrator of the Multipessoal Group, assuming the position of Chief Digital & Information Officer and currently leading the organization’s digital transformation.

He holds a degree in multimedia systems engineering and a postgraduate degree in Digital Enterprise Management from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Between 2014 and 2018 he led the innovation and development area of ​​Randstad Portugal, through the creation of products, solutions and new business models, as well as in the management of global projects. Previously, he held positions at Portugal Telecom leading several projects and teams in the area of ​​customer excellence. 2006 marks the beginning of his career as an entrepreneur being involved in several digital and technological businesses. It assumes itself as an accelerator that applies the technology in the transformation and simplification of the business processes, providing high performance.

For André Ribeiro Pires the new is always ‘the normal’.

Miguel Alves Martins
Professor NovaSBE

Miguel is currently the executive director of Nova SBE Social Impact Center and is also Assistant Professor Adjunct at NovaSBE where he teaches Social Entrepreneurship and Management of Nonprofits.

Miguel was co-founder and executive director of IES-SBS in Portugal and also director for Ashoka Portugal. Before founding IES-SBS, Miguel worked in the private sector, with experience namely in telecom, tourism, and CSR. Nevertheless, since 2007 he has dedicated his efforts to develop the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries.

He is in the advisory board of several non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship startups.

Abbadhia Vieira
Actress, entrepreneur


TV GLOBO / 2018 / participação / Pais de Primeira / I Love Paraisopolis / Aquele Beijo / Morde Assopra / A Vida Alheia / Viver a Vida

THEATRE Portugal

Mai 2018 – Palestra Gargalhadorismo – Empreendedorismo com Humor

Nov 2017  e Jan 2018  – Espetáculo: Jacaré com Antonio Raminhos

Mai 2018 – Produção Primeiro Festival Luso Brasileiro de Comédia – Lisboa – RJ e SP


2014/2015 – Os profissionais em Comédia SA – Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Santa Catarina

2013/2015 – Stand Up ( RJ)

2007 – OS Improvisáveis ( Espetáculo de Improvisação)

2009 a 2017 – Espetáculos Empresariais – Empresas Nacionais e Multinacionais


2008 – Curta Metragem – Navalha na Carne

2016 – Longa Metragem – Mindset dos Empreendedores – argumento e direção Abbadhia Vieira

2017 – Longa Metragem – O Outro Lado do Humor – argumento e direção: Abbadhia Vieira

2018 –  Longa Metragem – View Point of Renata Bueno – argumento e direção: Abbadhia Vieira

Mónica Vale de Gato


Repórter 5 Para a Meia Noite, RTP (2018 – 2019)


Rúbrica de Comédia “Na Corda Bamba”, RDP África  (2019)


“Pinhal 29”, Companhia Quatro Quartos (2015)

“Mata- Bicho”, Companhia Absurdo (2014)

“Felizmente há Luar”, Lordes do Caos (2012),

“Refuga”, Lordes do Caos (2010)


Vlogger & Blogger “A Caixa de Areia” (2015 – 2019)

Facebook  22.500 followers

Instagram 10.000 followers

Pedro Miguel Ribeiro

He made his TV debut at the age of 15 on the Pátio da Fama program, playing scenes from the movie Good Morning Vietnam.

It was after his first 4 years as a TV presenter that Pedro fell in love with writing for Theater. Between 2000 and 2004 he completes works like CAN, SAX, CAUDILLO, VOU-TE BATER! and PEDRAS ROLANTES.

The merger between Comedy and Social Psychology is completed in 2003 when Pedro participates for the first time in the program Levante-te e Ri discovering his ability to stand-up comedy. Reach maturity as a comedian with the comic pieces Vou-te Bater!, Vou-te Bater! …Outra vez!, Vou-te Bater, o Regresso! e Ao Vivo e a Soro, e com a Fundação do Grupo de Comédia “O Sindicato”.

In program 5 Para a Meia Noite was content director, scriptwriter, content editor and even actor between 2012 and 2017.

He was a screenwriter for several RTP programs, such as the 7 Wonders of Portugal – Villages and 7 Wonders to the Table, Natal dos Hospitais 2017 and 2018, as well as the Song Festival of 2017 (together with the 60th anniversary of RTP) and 2018.

As a result of all this, he eventually joined the scriptwriting team of the EUROVISION Festival that took place in Portugal in 2018. Since then he has become an “Euronerd” and wants the festival to return. Pedro Miguel Ribeiro’s “Stand up Comedy” style is a mix of Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and Prince Charles. A combination that provokes laughter in any audience: the energy of the first, the expressiveness of the second, the sexual life of the third! …

Patrícia Matos

Host of the event

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