LEADERSHIP SUMMIT PORTUGAL | Speaker – Maritza Puertas
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Maritza Puertas
Ambassador of Peru


Born in Talara, Maritza Puertas followed a clear path in her career in the Diplomatic Service. In her career she has passed in the Diplomatic Academy of Peru where she took a degree in International Relations and later went on to finish a Diplomat, a Post-Graduate and other degrees.
Her career started in 1974 when she was registered as Third Secretary of Chancery. Through time Marisa rose in the ranks and in 2002 was promoted to Ambassador. Currently she is not only an Ambassador for her country she is also a Senior Advisor to the Office of the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-founder and director of the Latin American Institute of International Law and International Relations (ILADIR). Recently she became National Coordinator of the Ibero-American Summits, of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and of the Community of Latin American States and the Carine (CELALC).
Along with her husband a fellow Ambassador in the Diplomatic Service she as 4 children.

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