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Luís Marques

Luís Marques
General Director of Fórmula de Talento


Title of the talk: “Talent will be where machines don’t reach”. Luís Marques, will be a speaker at Leadership Summit Portugal with a presentation about is specialized in training and developing teams and managing people, served in the Army for 16 years, where he reached the post of Major for Military Administration and performed training, administrative and teaching duties (namely as a Professor at the Military Academy).

In the 18 years that he developed his work in Sonae Sierra, as Administrative and Financial Director and later as Administrator, he developed the Human Resources, Back Office and Information Systems areas in several European countries.

With the pleasure of creating and developing new projects, and as a result of the roots linked to Serra da Estrela, in 2010, Luís Marques created the Sabores Altaneiros Group, which develops economic activities that offer, in a sustainable way, memorable experiences of taste, leisure and adventure.

In 2011, he founded Fórmula de Talento, that aims to reach all companies with the best practices of Human Resources Management.

Alongside this vast journey, Luís contributed actively to knowledge sharing, having taught several subjects, among them the Chair of Potential Management and Performance.

Creating and developing innovative and sustainable projects that contribute to providing a better quality of life to those who enjoy them is their mission!

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