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Linda Pereira
Executive Director CPL


Linda Pereira is an entrepreneur, an international consultant,  trainer & strategic event communication strategist. Respected internationally as a speaker, writer and as an educator, she has been an invited speaker in over 143 cities and all continents. She has also played an active role in many major events and bids for world events. She has worked on the major events which marked the last 30 years from EXPO ’98, EURO 2004 and various EU Presidencies among others. She is also an invited lecturer at three different international Universities where she lectures strategic meetings management. She is recognized for her efficiency and professionalism and thinking outside the box. She is absolutely passionate about associations and sits on a variety of international association boards herself. She has received numerous awards and is recognised as one of the most influential global voices in her industry. In 2016 she was elected president of the Global Council for Women in Leadership, and  is currently President of Spring Up Europe focused on accelerating women professional, lobbying for parity and upscaling companies founded by women. She has been an activist for gender parity for over 30 years. She is also special advisor to the Minister for Tourism, Transport and the Minister for the Maritime Economy of Cape Verde and sits on the Advisory Council for  the Venues of Excellence Certification Board. She considers her two daughters as her greatest achievement.

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