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The magazine of the event

Líder Magazine N.º 5 – april/2019


Has respect for diversity become a trivial matter? This is one of the major issues for this year’s Leadership Summit Portugal as well as the cover of the first 2019 issue of the Lider magazine. Speaking on this current and divisive issue for society, Henrique Monteiro starts by explaining that the notion of gender is more connected to grammatical concepts than to people themselves. Pedro Neves however speaks about the Pygmalion effect of diversity on companies and Susana Peralta produces the guide on inequalities within organisations. The leadership examples of Ghandi and Nelson Mandela should be read and committed to memory, as well as that of José Saramago, a writer who started out late on his writing journey and his ascension to literary success, but did not allow himself to be halted by the constraints of age and so, is today a source of inspiration for all. We close with the example of Herro Mustafa’s life journey, a Muslim refugee and today official representative of the USA in Portugal.

The content on the controversial Jordan Peterson, author of the 12 Rules for Life, who presented his book at the Nova SBE at the end of last year, during an event which provoked a vigorous response from many admirers and other detractors, who even sent messages of outrage on the his radicalism.  On opposite sides of the barricade, João Cotrim de Figueiredo, a manager and Teresa Garcia-Marques, a researcher and a psychologist, put forward their ideas on the author and his work, while explaining the root of their issues with Jordan Peterson.

In the special file on “Leading People”, we can read contributions on the issue of diversity from the perspective of people management, from the presidents of the two Portuguese associations of reference on this subject, Mário Ceitil and Manuel Sousa Antunes. Here they put forward their position alongside the opinion of  Rita Campos e Cunha, professor at Nova SBE, and Pedro Ramos, human resources manager for  the TAP Group.

Also in this edition of Lider and in the same file, we discuss trends and some case studies of success in the field of recruitment and corporate and organisational leader selection. From the sector experts we set about learning what really matters when we recruit a leader: how do we find the right leader for that team? Is salary an issue? What leadership skills are lacking in the market today? Men or women, who is leading the race for top management? What can go wrong in a recruitment process for a leader? Where and how do we find the best candidates?

Bearing in mind the  closing words of Catarina Barosa’s (Editor of the Lider magazine) editorial,  this edition of Lider “looks at diversity as the possibility of making leadership sublime”.

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