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Lider magazine

The magazine of the event

In this second edition of Líder magazine we try to discover “How far will technology take us?“. Technology is leading us into a new world where man will need to establish boundaries, delimit the machine’s field of operation with perfect clarity. We will lead Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence, digital minds and robots. We will speak algorithms’ language and halt the greatest struggle of leadership: to lead technology.

In fact, the fascination that technology has always provoked remains, and the future of Artificial Intelligence has passed the sphere of science fiction. If, on the one hand, it is unquestionable how technology has positively revolutionized our lives, as in ​​health; on the other hand, many challenges are still to come. It is about these challenges that we talked with Arlindo Oliveira, author of Digital Minds, a work that deeply challenges us to think about the mysteries of our brain. In fact, all leaders must be awakened to this new reality and therefore we talked to the author to bring you a unique, enlightening and deeply inspiring conversation.

We also interviewed the young NASA scientist, Carmel Johnston, who lived a year in a simulation environment of planet Mars, with five other colleagues. They describe her as a calm person, who can easily get along with everyone. They also emphasize her ease in leading, her focus on solutions, rather than problems, and being a person who quickly passes to action.

In the “Leading Health” section, we present you the Portuguese platform “Patient Innovation“, which has already collected more than 1500 innovations and has shared about 850 innovations from a global community of more than 60,000 patients or caregivers.

Paulo Ribeiro was a dancer and choreographer, collaborated with the Lisbon Dance Company, directed the Gulbenkian Ballet and is the current director of the National Ballet Company. In order to get to know the work of a leader in the world of dance, we talked to Paulo Ribeiro about the challenges of conjugating wishes and aspirations of dancers, choreographers and other stakeholders, and about his thoughts on this first year ahead of a project so challenging.

On the other hand, in “Academic Visions”, several academic professors deal with different issues that concern current leaders, such as paradoxical leadership, the perspective of ethical virtue in the practice of strategy, the “elite theory” in leadership, the challenge of change and the seven organizational sins.

Among several suggestions for reading, we highlight the book Technology versus Humanity – The Future Showdown between Machine and Man, considered one of our last maps before Humanity entered the Jurassic Park of Big Tech, the Machine Age.

In this edition, there was still time to discover Seaventy, a company that specializes in providing unique and unforgettable moments, with one main goal: to bring people closer to the sea!

These are the contents, among many others, that you will not want to miss in the second edition of the magazine that deals with the most pertinent leadership themes of our time!

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