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The magazine of the event

Líder Magazine N. 6 – June/2019


The latest issue of Líder aims to present answers to yet another of the questions to be posed by the Leadership Summit Portugal 2019: “Will artificial intelligence understand human spirituality?”.

In this special dossier, artificial intelligence is confronted with human spirituality, because despite there being a certain amount of consensus as regards the unique dimension of human spirituality, we cannot but maintain a certain level of alertness as regards the path that is being pursued in the realms of artificial intelligence, which is stepping on sensitive territory (increasingly) and has an immense temptation to limit us to our ineffable sense of being.

According to Catarina G. Barosa, editorial director of Líder, “leaders who enthusiastically applaud the digital revolution and channel all their efforts ad energies into achieving modern, efficient, precisely time and labour managed, and highly digital organisations, cannot avoid simultaneously investing in the humanizing features of their companies; in truth they will be making the difference, they will be the reason for existence of the leadership itself”.

The in-depth interview with Chris Lowney is yet another highlight. A Jesuit by education, he will be coming to the Leadership Summit Portugal with an objective: “I want to use our precious time together to invite intelligent leaders who will be participating in the event, to reflect on the unique opportunity that life has given them”. Teaching spirituality and the meaning of a heroic leadership are the theme of his participation at the Summit in October.

Continuing on a theme regularly handled in the pages of Líder, this edition will include a new dossier on the paradoxes of the lives of organisations. The theme is at the heart of an annual meeting led by Nova SBE with the support of the Amélia de Mello Foundation: Leadership & Society Forum 2019 – Paradox & Sustainability. The paradoxes refer to the opposing contrasts which make up the organisations where we work: stability and change, routine and innovation, profit and social mission, among others. The objective of the meeting is to present the contradictions as normal and even as sources o competitive advantages, when duly articulated.

On the other hand, the dossier “Leading People” once again focuses on the central question in this issue – “Will artificial intelligence understand human spirituality?” – but viewed from the perspective of people management, through the contribution of various members of the strategic council of this working group.

The same dossier also looks at coaching, mentoring and high performance training, from the viewpoint of the “coach leader”. Among the main challenges that organisations face when changing the traditional environment to a high performance environment, is the development of their teams. In light of this new reality, the leaders of organisations cannot continue to be autocratic, nor can they use their hierarchical power to achieve their objectives. Quite the contrary, the leaders we want today are those who mobilise teams through their capacity to influence, and that demands that they act as facilitators and supporters within the organisation, that is, that they become “coach leaders”.

And lastly, in the “Leading Brands” dossier, we present the members of the Strategic Council of this new working group, whom we challenge to reflect on the humanisation of brands in the digital era. People tend to view brands as something distant, unattainable, and this still happens because most companies are not interested in transmitting that which happens “indoors”. The truth is that people like to trust and to identify with the brands of which they consumers and nothing is better than proximity to create those connections and trust and loyalty. If a company wants its brand to stand out to the point of earning the trust of people, it will have to make itself more human. However, in an increasingly more digital and robotized world, are brands more mechanised and distant or more emotional and closer to the consumers?

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