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The magazine of the event

Líder magazine N. 7 – October/2019


The latest issue of Líder magazine will seek answers to the central question of the Leadership Summit Portugal 2019: “Are we going together?”.

Are we going together at this accelerated pace towards a new, global and digital world? Are we leaving anyone behind? Will the older generations understand this new world and will they be able to integrate now that they are living ever longer? Are States, organizations, companies and families prepared to welcome age with dignity and with a productive return? And will those who flee from their countries of origin be able to make this civilisational journey with justice and fairness? And who else will be left behind when the world is fast and relentless? How do we bring forward those who, for extrinsic reasons, are being left behind along the way? And finally, are we also forgetting our planet in this incessant quest for unknown and the new? What will happen to humanity when the Earth reaches a point of no return? These and other questions will be answered in the articles which make up the main file of this issue.

This edition also presents a major interview with the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who spoke to the Líder magazine on the major topics of this year’s leadership summit. Diversity, ecology, artificial intelligence vs. spiritual intelligence, or even ascertaining who is being left behind and how to handle this new reality, these were just a few of the questions we asked the Head of State, and which he duly answered with the optimism which characterizes him.

This edition also focuses the Leadership project – The Power of Giving Back, which is being materialised in a book written by Pedro Afonso, CEO of VINCI Energies Portugal, based on conversations held with António de Castro Caeiro the philosopher, Luísa Lopes a neuroscientist, and the conductor Joana Carneiro. Through Philosophy, Music and Neuroscience, learning and serving – or returning – more and better, is the major objective of a conscious leader, and the main message that this project aims to transmit.

In the special file “Leading People”, the focus is on leadership in a digital and technological world, so that we can try to understand the potential and risks that the leaders find in this new world reality and what leadership style they need to adopt so as to be successful in this digital era. Of note is the interview of the CEO of the Egor Group, Afonso Carvalho, who confesses that he is enthusiastic about this challenging professional phase that he is living. The idea of “empowering a solid and highly competent group of people in an extremely competitive market, but which ahs room and appetite for companies which innovate, which create value and which deliver what they promise” really appeals to him.

On the other hand, the “Leading Brands” section analyses the relationship between brands and the environment and tries to understand the importance of sustainability for consumers when they have to choose a product or service instead of another. We also spoke to Nuno Moura, Chief Marketing Officer of the Portuguese Football Federation, the only Portuguese person on the winners list of the 2019 edition of the Sports Leaders Awards, which recognises the best talents in the world – organisations and individuals – who are innovating and leading in the sports industry.

Finally, in the “Leading Tech” file we set out to discover in what way technology can help us to save our planet and to rescue all those who are being left behind.


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