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The magazine of the event


The latest edition of Líder magazine debates the question which will be the theme of the Leadership Summit Portugal 2020: “Is influence the new power?

From the very beginnings of humanity people have been influencing people. It has always been this way, but over the last few years the digital world has rendered this reality far more explicit than ever. Today thousands of people use  social media to present ideas, lifestyles, opinions and experiences, be they for their family and relatives, friends or, increasingly, for whoever may be interested. The so-called digital influencers dedicate a large portion of their time to feeding their social networks, and with content which encourages increasingly more followers to interact with their posts, stories, videos, podcasts, etc. This dynamic can generate new trends, mobilise millions for a cause, and even activate business deals, products and brands. In this new power game, an influencer cannot exist without his legion of followers, and the larger the group, the more successful the influencer. But are they aware of the power they hold over current society? Do they exercise that influence in a responsible and ethical manner? And what can we do to monitor and regulate this new power?

In the opening interview of this edition we talk to Yascha Mounk, a political scientist, an academic, a columnist is some of the most prestigious names in international media, as well as a writer, who defends that “from the Old Continent to Latin America, and eroding the majority of countries, populisms grow like social gangrene, to the extent that they place freedom and liberal democracies at risk”. People vs. Democracy: understand why our freedom is at risk, is the  most recent book of  the author of  Stranger in My Own Country – A Jewish Family in Modern Germany e de The Age of Responsibility – Luck, Choice and the Welfare State. Just launched in Portugal, the book is already considered the best book of the year by major publications such as the

Financial Times, New York Times Book Review and Prospect Magazine. From Trump to Brexit, via the major current political and social issues, Yascha Mounk presents a diagnosis on everything which is endangering the world as we know it. Finally, in this end of year edition, special focus is given to the subjects of Best Team Leaders and Best Public Leaders. Once again this year, and after  much awaited and highly desired academic recognition by the Nova IMS, the leadership BTL brand presented its annual results at a gala dinner at Casino Estoril, on 12 December. For the first time bringing together public figures, leadership references, who were also assessed between June and 30 November 2019, via the BTL site and platform, it was possible to identify the winners in each leadership field, as well as better understand their competences, skills and personality traits and see which of these was rated higher or lower.

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