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The magazine of the event

Líder Magazine N.º 3 – july/2018

The Editorial content of the most recent issue of Líder magazine is focused on two major themes: “Are we taking the fiction out of science?” and “Paradoxes & Plurality”.

The first theme is one of the topics to be discussed at the next Leadership Summit Portugal, to be held on 25 September, at the Estoril Casino.

Whether in cinema, television, books, or on the internet, we have put our creative skills to the test. We imagine the future and we represent it in images, sounds and movements which fascinate, excite, frighten and very often leave us incredulous. Will our future be like that after all? Will fiction become reality? Will we be able to actually experience in the realm of reality what we once only imagined and saw at the cinema?  This is one of the great challenges of leadership, to see fiction become reality and in the face of that, take real-life, rapid, efficient, creative, but above all human decisions. Or could it be that on Mars, or on any other planet where the future may take us, the role of leadership will become just a way of helping us to survive? Could it be that besides homo sapiens we will have machine sapiens with which we must interact? Could our leader be a machine sapiens? This edition of Líder, will present some examples which will oblige us to reflect on the sense of it, the ethical and moral implications of such transformations, and the challenges that leaders will have to face:  Blade Runner, a film turned reality? And does the new SKORR application, call to mind the Netflix series, Black Mirror? And is the social system of credits implemented by the Chinese Government a tremendously inhuman invention? What inspired the Chinese Government? And while at it, could we learn some lessons on leadership with La Casa de Papel?

On the other hand, the special file is dedicated to the theme of “Paradoxes & Plurality” and presents the main conclusions of the event. The Paradox & Plurality Leadership and Society Forum, organized by the Nova School of Business & Economics and by the Amélia de Mello Foundation, took place last May in Cascais with the objective of exploring the power of paradoxal thought, the plurality of approaches, dynamic balance, consistency and inconsistency, all with a view to transforming business and society itself.  The conversations we had with three of the specialists who took part, Charles Hampden-Turner, Linda Putnam and Wendy K. Smith are also highlighted. We also present a summary of the parallel sessions and the analysis of the theme and close with two articles of opinion.

The opening interview of this edition with the CEO of Ferrari World, a theme park in Abu Dhabi which centers around entertainment experiences connected to automobiles and the Ferrari brand in particular, is also extremely current and pertinent. Jesse Vargas could have worked in Wall Street, but it was during her first summer job at a theme park, that she first became aware of the potential of this business.

Finally, in the “Leading Opinion” section, we find the interview with Miguel Pinto, CEO of Kathrein Automotive Portugal, one of the major international specialist companies in reliable and state-of-the-art communication and data transmission technologies for cars, which makes it one of the innovation and technology leaders in today’s interconnected world.

Enough reasons we believe for you to not want to miss the third edition of the magazine which handles the most pertinent and current leadership issues and topics!


Read it here.

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