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Leading People 2020

Nova SBE – 30 Abril


Patrícia Matos

Patrícia has been a television journalist at TVI for thirteen years.
She has been the morning face of TVI e TVI4 for over ten years, between 6 and 10 am, every day. She was a part of the founding project of TVI 24 and worked both in the areas of society and economy. She has a PhD in Social Sciences, with a major in Political Science, and her research is focused on political communication. She also has a Masters Degree in Political Science and is a graduate in Journalism and Communication, as well as having written numerous scientific papers in this field.
She lectures at NOVA University and at the Military University, as well as ISLA in Santarém. She is also a trainer in the fields of corporate communication and media training and television journalism. She recently co-authored a book on “Emotional Success”, where she interviewed 24 well-known figures who described the way in which emotional intelligence has helped them attain success in their personal and professional life.
She is a member of the Leading Brand Advisory Group.

Stewart Clegg

Stewart Clegg was Reader at Griffith University (1976-84), Professor at the University of New England (1985-9), Professor at the University of St. Andrews (1990-3), Foundation Professor at the University of Western Sydney, Macarthur, (1993-6) before moving to UTS. He is one of the most published and cited authors in the top-tier journals in the Organization Studies field and the only Australian to be recognised a by a multi-method ranking, as one of the world’s top-200 “Management Gurus” in What’s the Big Idea? Creating and Capitalizing on the Best New Management Thinking by Thomas H. Davenport, Laurence Prusak, and H. James Wilson (2003), Harvard: Harvard Business Review Press. Because the central focus of his theoretical work has always been on power relations he has been able to write on many diverse and ubiquitous topics – because power relations are everywhere! Outside work he enjoys cultural pursuits, travel, and wide reading in politics, history, current affairs, music and art.

Manuela Gomes
Chief Marketing Officer of Capgemini Portugal

Manuela Gomes is Chief Marketing Officer of Capgemini Portugal since 2014, and between 2009 to 2018, she was also responsible for the quality and environmental management systems of Capgemini.
Journalist by a degree in Communication Sciences and with a bachelor in Communication and Image, the inspiration and enthusiasm about communication came later on through an inspiring professor and communicator during a communications media specialization.
Perfectionist by nature, curious by background and particularly creative at heart mind and soul, Manuela’s uses communication as tool not only to strategize, engage, inform or to create or disseminate an innovative culture but also because it’s imperative in leadership roles.
At Capgemini, Manuela is also part of the International Works Council (IWC), an employee representative body that aims to facilitate constructive dialogue between employees and management, bringing employee interests directly to the attention of the Group management and becoming informed directly by the Group management of its plans for the Company, and their impact on its employees.

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