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Diogo Alves

VP A2D - Analog to Digital


Diogo is currently a VP at A2D Consulting, focused on the digital transformation of large corporations, with a strong emphasis on strategy and people development. Furthermore, A2D is also leading the MUDA project, a unique initiative in Portugal that brings together some of the largest companies, universities, associations and the Government in a joint endeavor to increase the number of internet users in Portugal and the level of sophistication of internet usage in the country. He is also the Director for International Affairs of the German Federal Association of Sustainability and a Visiting Professor at Católica Lisbon Business & Economics. Diogo is currently writing a book that establishes a bridge between the 4 elements of nature (air, water, fire and earth) and technology, how they evolved throughout times and how this discussion can be integrated with pratical case studies of collaboration and innovation in interconnected fields. He has lived abroad for nearly a decade, in four different continents and studied between Lisbon, Paris, Hong Kong and London. After that, he was a strategy consultant in Angola, co-founder of a startup in Portugal and managed leading startups in their sectors in Malaysia, Dominican Republic and Germany. Recently, he was a senior investment consultant in the largest venture capital in Portugal and helped to launch the first sports technology accelerator in Europe. Out of work, Diogo is an improvisation theatre enthusiast since he participated in a theatre refugee project, has been learning to play the drums and to do voice-over dubbing for films and series.

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