LEADERSHIP SUMMIT PORTUGAL | Speaker – Catarina Barosa
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Speakers & Talks

Catarina Barosa
Content Director of Tema Central


Catarina Barosa has two degree in Law and in Philosophy with a PHD thesis project in Leadership and Philosophy. She is also the co- founder of Tema Central, which publishes Pessoal Magazine, Líder Magazine, develops the Best Team Leaders Project and Leadership Summit Portugal. She has two books published, Giro Logo Existo – A Filosofia Pensa a Gestão e Futebol e Liderança.

She was a scriptwriter, presenter and author of the TVI24 Marca Pessoal program, which addressed issues in the world of work, specially focused in leadership. Before working in this area of communication and editing, she was a legal consultant for large national and multinational companies and Director of Human Resources of two multinationals.

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